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AFk Arena mod apk is another role-playing game with beautiful 3D graphics. It is designed for iOS and Android devices, but you can also play it on a PC. The game’s story involves stopping a devil who wants to destroy the whole world. The game contains very complex characters that make it enjoyable to the players. You will not fight alone. Instead, you make a team of your heroes with their own set of abilities. You will be getting rewards for your achievements as long as you keep on proceeding in the game.
This game app is available for free on the Google play store with limited unlocked features. That causes slow progress and time consuming for game players. But afk arena hacked apk comes with all unlocked features and rewards needed to speed up your performance and boost your playtime. It has got super famous in a short time and downloaded by 35 million users so far.

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Additional Information:

  • AKF Arena’s daily user count is between 1 to1.5M.
  • Maximum users of this game are from China.
  • The approximate revenue of AFK Arena is $706 Million so far.  
  • The most significant share comes from China that is 35%.
  • 64% of the users are male, and 36% are females.

Prime Features of AFk Arena Mod Apk:

Explore Adventures:

The game’s storyline is very adventurous, and the player enjoys plenty of adventures while playing it. It has scarce and unseen lands that the player will need to explore. Be ready to discover and fight evil enemies in dangerous dungeons and complete challenges to earn rewards. It is effortless to collect rewards in our afk arena mod apk (god mode) without doing much but exploring amazing adventures of the

Collect Countless heroes: Happymod Platinmod:

The game contains hundreds of heroes to play. Every hero has its powers and set of skills that make it different from others. You can choose them from the seven various factions. But, first, you need to collect your choice of heroes and form a solid formation to combat the enemy. The player will have to make efforts and take enough time to unlock them all. But with the AFk Arena mod apk, you can get them all unlocked with no effort at all.

Pleasing Visuals and Easy Control:

AFk Arena mod apk is designed with stunning graphics and pleasing visual effects. You can’t help with its fine detailing in characters and beautiful animations. A novice player can easily connect to the game because of its straightforward controls. The soundtrack played in the background doesn’t let you bore and doubles up your enjoyment.

Zero Ads:

Promotional ads are unavoidable in the free version of any app you download from the play store.
AFk Arena mod apk gives you the freedom to play your game nonstop with zero number of ads.


AFK Arena mod apk is an AFK game that means you will gather gold and experience and heroes when you are an AFK. When you get into the AFK Arena, the first thing is the friend list. It offers you have companion points which you can get a maximum of 20 per day. The fantastic thing with the new update is that now you can add 40 friends to the list that means more companion points. These points allow you to do summons for heroes. You can send the add request in the chat option or click any profile to add them to your friend list. You can also chat with other players and ask any questions. Keep checking your emails every day that can get you anything in it. If you do not log in daily, you can lose the mail as it will expire after seven days. The gold, essence, daily rewards, timer rewards, or any other rewards you get are in the Bag window of the game that you will need to use. The game has got an AFK timer that changes according to your VIP level. So the highest you will reach the AFK level, the higher daily rewards you will get. There is also an option of Fast Rewards that you will collect every day, giving you gear or Exp sometimes. As you open the Fast Rewards tab, you will see an option to use diamonds, but we suggest you not use them earlier; use them later for summons. There is Hero’s Essence, too, which is vital for your progression in the game. 

Now we will talk about heroes that consist of four primary factions, including Light bearers, Maulers, Wilders, Gravenor’s. The complex heroes are Celestials, Hypogean that you will get very few of them earlier in the game. One unique kind of hero is the Dimensional’s. They are handy. You can see them very far in the game. You can see all the available heroes and check their abilities and determine what kind of hero suits you best for your game. A new feature in version 1.54 comes with the popular option in the heroes tab. Here you can see what hot heroes other players are using in the chapters you are in. The formation tab will be unlocked after completing a couple of chapters of the game. You can also build and save your specific formations based on your heroes. That makes it easy for you to pick the formation when going into campaigns. The player’s main focus in the game is the bounty board. It gives him a chance to get loot, gold, essence, and diamonds by putting some specific heroes here.

Moreover, bounty can be refreshed for 50 diamonds. The Arena of Heroes contains the PVP aspect, where you can also see the combat rating of your team. When you get a little further in the game, you see the legends challenger tournament that requires three groups specifically. As we discussed some fundamental aspects of the AFK arena in this section, you will discover more every time you play it. 

Download and Install Afk arena:

You can see the download tab at the top of this page. Press the tab and follow the prompted instructions to download the game. When the download is done, install it on your device.  


Q1: What are the App permissions required by Afk Arena?
Version 1.69.01 may access your camera, microphone, storage, and others.

Q2: Is it safe to play for kids aged 6?
No, the game contains mild violence, so it is not advisable for those little kids. It is rated for 7+ on Google play store.

Q3: Who owns Lilith Games?
Wang Xinwen, a Chinese developer, is the Founder and owner of the Lilith games.
Q4: Why AKF Arena Ladder reset?
Before starting the following season, ladder points for all the players reset so that everyone starts the new season from an equal level.


AFK Arena mod apk continues to grow, and it seems phenomenal. The game is a fantastic game that so many players love to play it. It falls in the mystery and conspiracy genre that seems interested to many players who like to solve mysteries on their own. For this, players can seek the help of characters too in the game. The more you play, the more you hit the upcoming challenges and earn rewards. It’s not as easy as it sounds because as you proceed in the game, the challenges become harder and harder and interesting as well. The main goal is to form the strongest team to clear all the dungeons ahead. So download and explore AFK Arena Mod revdl and see how smartly you can use your heroes to remove every challenge in the game. Do write if you have any queries regarding the AFK Arena mod apk, and let us know what you guys think about the game.



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