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King of Avalon mod apk is a fantasy game that has middle Ages theme. As the unfortunate king is betrayed and killed by his nephew.  Now, the king’s body rests in a fortress on the holy Isle of Avalon beside his strong sword, Excalibur. The devastating situation of fighting with each other has split the empire into cities. The public waits for the new king to be crowned who will raise the sword to unify the kingdom again.

Andy Zhong and Yitao Guan created the company FunPlus in 2010 then they sold it to the Century Games in 2016. The Century Games Limited created King of Avalon dragon warfare  later in 13 July, 2016. This game  is a strategy game that doesn’t involve just playing. The player will need to be more strategic to master the game.

king of avilon mod apk

List of Contents

The Fantastic Features of King of Avalon Mod Apk:

1.Unlimited Gold:

The player will initially need gold to succeed in the game. The gold assets are the first resources in the King of Avalon mod apk . You can get the gold from the market but there are ways to gather gold like daily rewards and event rewards. Besides, virtual gold can be purchased with real money. The gold coins will make you upgrade your heroes and buy different stuff.

The player frequently requires gold while playing King of Avalon. As everyone knows the high demand for gold will make the price high and buying it with real money is not a sane thing. For that reason, we created the  mod apk to get the unlimited gold stock. If you don’t have gold the hack apk will not be the reason for not playing this game.

2.Unlimited Food:

The other important resource in the game is food. Food is used to feed the troops. While playing troops keeps on consuming food so you will need more food to feed them. The more you will need troops the more you need to get food. Having food resources is not an easy task but with the king of Avalon  version, you will never run out of food stock.

The player can collect the food by attacking other cities. The other way to produce more food is building more farms. But producing food these ways is very time consuming. The player will not be interested to waste time in gathering resources in the game. So be free from the trouble of growing food and keep your food resources up to maximum level with King of Avalon mod apk.

3.Unlimited Wood:

Another important resource that you will require while playing the game is wood. As food is used to feed the troops likewise wood will be used for buildings in the game. The player will use the wood to upgrade the buildings. The King of Avalon mod apk gives you access to unlimited wood. The more stock of woods storehouse will protect the building from the attacks of enemies.

4.Unlimited iron:

This apk  gives the player advantage of unlimited iron resources with the Iron Mine. The unlimited iron will be used to upgrade buildings. The player will not waste his time anymore waiting for the iron production.

5.Unlimited Silver:

The rarest resource in the game is silver that is obtained from the Silver Mine. Silver is very quickly consumed and you need it for the upgrades. The King of Avalon cheat gives the unlimited silver so build the most possible number of Silver Mines to increase its production.

The player’s goal is to become the King of Avalon. The King of Avalon mod apk keeps the player focused and he will not divert his attention in collect resources to stay in the game as he already has them.

6.Unlocked Dragon Skills:

The dragons help the player growing the kingdom fast. Though the dragons are very important but their skills play a more significant role in the game. The player can assign different skills to the dragons. The four types of different skills is Attack, Defense, Gathering, and Monster.

The game requires you to complete its 45 levels to unlock the dragons’ skills. But by downloading the King of Avalon beta you can avoid this hassle and have straight access to the all update unlocked skills of dragons.

7.Unlocked Dragon EXP:

It will take 70 million of Dragon EXP to level up your dragons. The King of Avalon mod apk allows you to level up your dragons without any restriction.

8.Complete Upgraded Emblems:

Emblems are dragons’ helpers and gives them more skills. The upgraded Emblems will help improving you dragons’ skills. Get all the upgraded Emblems with King of Avalon mod apk.

9.Unlocked Heroes:

In the King of Avalon mod apk it is not the user’s compulsion to spend gold and time to call the desired Hero in the game. Download the apk here to unlocked all the Heroes and find them in the Hero Roster. Use the different Heroes according to his abilities to win the battle and take over other kingdoms as well.

king of avilon mod

Additional Information King of Avalon Mod Apk:

  • The game size is 356 MB.
  • The game’s rating is 4.3.
  • So far 963k people have reviewed the app.
  • It is rated 7+
  • 50 million plus people have downloaded it.
  • The release date of the game is July 13, 2016.
  • The recent king of avalon update version is 11.4.0.


The king Arthur died and his throne lacks a true ruler. The player in the game will train his dragons for war against other rivals players. He will fight to get the magical sword named Excalibur to claim to be crowned. The game is made interested with the inclusion of fight part. The player will need to form online communities to strengthen his empire.


Q1: Is the King of Avalon mod apk ads free?

Yes, the apk is 100% ads free.

Q2: Where the player can find the iron in the game?

As the player starts producing food and wood at initials stages but for getting iron it is compulsory to complete 10 levels in the game. But with this hack apk you can get it anytime you need it.

Q3: Is it fine for kids to play King of Avalon?

King of Avalon Dominion involves mild violence and safe for the 7+ kids.

Q4: Can we chat and play simultaneously in the game?

Yes, the easy translation feature of the game brings numerous players together globally in this multiplayer-war.

Q5: What permission does requires the King of Avalon?

Recent updated version will request to access your camera, storage, contacts, and others.


The game is best for the player who want to be hero in his own space. The King of Avalon allows the player to be a dragon hunter and the hero of army. He will fight with the help of his dragons and heroes to lead the army in the strategy war.

Best of luck to regain the kingdom!



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