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Ludo king mod apk. Do you know how board games were popular back days? Every kid from the 90s can associate his memories of how board games used to be an essential part of every evening and family get-together. It must have been the most enjoyable time of the whole day. No doubt Ludo was the most played game at that time. People would always wait for the time when everybody is free to sit and play. Those were indeed the happiest days for all

As things are way different now, people don’t get that amount of time they used to have in earlier days. The culture of the board games is no more existing the way it had been in the past. But the advancement in technology has made it possible to recollect those happy memories. Inspired by the early Ludo culture an Indian app creator Vikash Jaiswal, created an online mobile game app Ludo King to relive those family fun moments.

It is not an age-restricted game app, regardless of age anybody can play it. It once again has united the families and children with parents and grandparents. During the Covid19 pandemic, Ludo king mod apk became super famous and the most downloaded game app.

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Fun Features of Ludo king mod apk:

Snake and Ladder:

The ludo king mod apk gives an option to play Snake and ladder. Everybody must have played it in childhood. It is not only famous among kids but people from any age group love playing it. Playing it is very simple, it involves two players and every player will start from the number 1. There are multiple snakes and ladders. The person who reaches 100 first escaping from all snakes in the game wins at the end.

Familiar user Interface:

The best part of the Ludo king mod apk is it has the same interface as the traditional Ludo board game. The novice player will not be wasting time exploring its design. As the interface is quite familiar to everybody, that makes it very easy for beginners to play and win.

Ad-Free Version download:

The ads in the games generate revenue for the developers, for that they do not let you play the game free of ads. There are no two opinions about how annoying ads are and how they ruin your engagement. It is a fact that everybody hates to see them while playing.

Sometimes you will feel like throwing away the device you are playing on because of those unnecessary and repetitive ads. Obviously, you will not do that but you can avoid having that feeling again with this download. The ads-free version boosts your game experience and literally has zero ads. Don’t wait and download the ludo mod apk now.

Unlimited Gems Coins Hack:

The profile having unlimited coins and money seems very impressive to the other players in Lodo kind mod. It requires tons of effort winning ludo matches that could take a large amount of time to achieve the unlimited coins games. With the this king hack one has not to spend lots of time for collecting resources. You can have it anytime you need them with the ludo king coins link.

ludo king mod apk unlimited six:

If someone says the ludo king is game of sixes he is not completely wrong. unlimited sixes are very necessary in the game. Everyone is not that lucky to have more six and play well. Ludo king mod apk allows its player to have endless sixes that would increase the probability to win the game. You can fulfill your want to have unlimited six with this controller apk.

Premium Support:

The player can stuck any moment in the game as it is a hacked version. The very useful feature of the Ludo king mod apk is its premium support. You can contact us with the help of this feature. We will try our best to reach you and solve the problem.

Play Online:

Ludo king mod apk gives you the liberty to play it online with anyone you want. One condition is that the other person you want to play with must have installed the app on his device. When you open the app you will choose ‘play with friends’ options that result in further two options i-e create and join. Pressing create button will generate a code for your partner. Then you will share the code with your friend. Your friend will have to select the join option and enter the code you shared. The game board will be there on the screen to start your game.

Play Offline:

This wonderful game doesn’t restrict you to have an internet connection to play with your friends and family. If someone is in the same place you can play with Pass N Play Mode. Press the Pass N Play button and select whether you all will play individually or in teams. After it is done add the players’ names and select colors and press play. A local multiplayer game will be started for the people in the same room.

All themes unlocked:

It is no strange that the player will complete various missions and tasks in the game to unlock different themes as they are not available for free. With the ludo king mod apk,  you don’t need to pay anything or have the trouble of completing missions to get themes unlocked and dice hacked. You can have a different experience every time with the new dashboard’s live theme.


If you have played the traditional ludo game ever it is the same to play. Ir requires a minimum of two players and a maximum of 4 players to start the game. The players can team up with any player they want and play in teams or play individually. Every player will get four pawns to play. They will roll dice by turns and move pawns according to the numbers they get from the dice roll. The player has to be strategical when and how to move his pawns because it is not just a number game. Whoever gets his all pawns around the board first will win the game. Remember the players will follow the rules set before the game.

Ludo king apk download latest version:

To download ludo king here is very easy. Tap the download button and allow your device to install from unknown sources. After you can install it from the downloads folder. That’s it you can play it now.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

Q1: Do colors play part in winning the ludo game?

Answer: No, the colors have nothing to do with the win. It is merely your choice what color you select to play. What plays part in winning is how well the player understands the game and moves his pawns strategically. Sometimes, it is just luck.

Q2: What is the three sixes rule in ludo game?

Answer: When a player gets three sixes consecutively the game rule is followed. That will make the player lost his chance to move his pawns, and pass the turn to the next player.

Q3: What is the old name of the ludo?

Answer: The ludo’s origin is India. Before the name ludo this game was called pachisi in India.

Q4: Do we need to block ads in ludo king mod apk physically?

Answer: No, the mod version of ludo king is already made ads-free. You will see no ads while playing this game.

Q5: Who is the publisher of the ludo king?

Answer: Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd is the publisher.

Q6: Is it safe ludo king hack mod apk?

Answer: Some apps affiliated with Ludo King hack developed by third parties are designed to capture personal information, including passwords and credit card information, which could lead to identity theft. Be very careful out there! But on this website all the downloads are safe and worry free.


The ludo king is a way easier and more fun game that not only brings back the old days’ memories but also our loved ones. It is a very suitable option for those who are not more into games as it has a friendly user interface and is very easy to play. The situation the world is facing right now the more you stay inside the more you are safe. It is the best game that you can play with your near-ones staying inside and rejoice in the present moments. We can play it with anyone anywhere in the world and feel the happiness of having them with us. To have a chat option is great fun that allows us to have the pleasure of meeting new people and making friends globally.

Play it often and be the king of Ludo King.



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