What Does The Heart Mean On Snapchat 2022

Snapchats are made more fun with different colored heart emojis. Find out what they mean below! Keyword to include: Heart, Love, Emoji
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Snapchat is a social media app that allows you to send pictures and videos to your friends. As of recently, it has also started to include emojis that can be applied over the top of the picture or video. One example is the heart emoji which will show up in red when someone sends one with this emoji on it. It’s not entirely clear what these hearts mean but they’re often used by people who are sending romantic messages or flirting with each other, so it could be interpreted as their way of sayingI love you.”

Ever since Snapchat added the heart to their app, people have been wondering what it means. In this blog post, we’re going to talk about why the heart is on snapchat and how you can use it for your own purposes.

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Importance of hearts in your story

Haing hearts on your Snapchat story means that people are watching and enjoying what you’re sharing! It’s a great way to show off in front of friends, make them envious for all the fun times they missed out on.

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How do I get hearts on Snapchat

When you’re looking for a new way to show your love, try emojis.

Emoji’s have started showing up in pictures and videos on social media apps like Snapchat or Instagrambut there is one that stands out more than others: the heart! It can be used as an indicator when sending messages between friends whether they are romantic (or maybe just flirty) because of its red color which often signifies something along those lines has been sent by either party involved; however this might not always mean what it seems at first glance so use discretion before interpreting these symbols too literally

Snapchat has been updating their app with new features and one of the most talkedabout updates is that Snapchat now offers a heart. With this sign, people can make personalized comments or add drawings for others to see in order to create stronger connections on your social media feed! In today’s blog post we will discuss how you could utilize this tool better than ever beforeso stay tuned :).

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When is it important to have  hearts in your story?

When you need to get hearts on your Snapchat story, it’s a great way to show off and make friends envious of all the fun things that are going right in life.

What to do when I don’t have any hearts in my story?

If you don’t have any hearts the your story, consider taking the following steps:

  • Check that Snapchat isn’t in lowpower mode. If it is, hearts will not show up. To exit lowpower mode, tap on the screen once, and it should return to normal!
  • Ensure that you’re running the latest version of Snapchat.
  •  Make sure that your snaps are interesting and engaging! Try using filters, effects, and text features to make them more fun.

How many types of hearts Snapchat has?

There are different types of hearts that Snapchat users can take advantage from. We will discuss them one by one below!

No matter the type, this is an important Part in our story: The Heart symbolizes love and emotion on social media channels like no other emoji doesit’s used to convey feelings without having any words at allso you want your text or message here as much if not MORE than ever before because everything else flows around these little red gems

RED HEART (Classical symbol of love) on Snapchat

red heart snapchat

Expression of passion and romance, but also in non-romantic context of friendship and strong bonds.

The heartwarming red color of this emoji means that you’re in love with who’s looking at it. It also shows how much faith they have towards their significant other, which makes sense because there can’t be anyone better than oneself! This means that if someone is telling stories about themselves then this would make them seem like a great boyfriend or girlfriend (depending on what type).

Brown Heart Strong and Sweet Love 

snapchat brown heart appleThe brown heart is the chocolate covered heart that stand test of time

Orange heart mean on Snapchat(Great care comfort and sincerity)?

orange heart snapchatAlso mean you just wanna stick as friend nothing mutual

The orange heart means that you’re up for a date with the other person! Use this emoji when it’s time to make plans, and everyone will be excited about your stories. You can also show off how much fun things are by using an Orange Heart as welljust don’t forget what day of week/month is coming up so they know whether or not their significant other needs some space from work (or vice versa!).

 Blue Heart (Trust Peace and Harmony)

blue heart snapchatIt means person believes on you, also represent the support of autism love for water sports.

The blue heart means that you’ve been Snapchatting each other for at least a week. It’s a great way to show your friends how much we care about talking with them and are glad they’re in our lives!

Purple Heart (Sensitive and companionate love)

purple heart snapchat

For mother day message between message between parents and children. Also signify wealth and glamour.

When you and your significant other have been dating for two weeks or more, it’s time to exchange gifts. A purple heart is the selective gift that means “I’m taken!”

The color of romancethis means something special between lovers!

Green Heart Envy ( jealousy or possessive love)

green heart snapchat

Relationship issues or hope of reconciliation organic or healthy living and closeness to nature.

Sparkling Heart (You are simply great)

sparkling heart snapchat

Sparkle heart shows love and affection, often with a happy, playful or sweat tone.

Beating Heart (Intensive from classic heart)

beating heart snapchat

It is often used by those who have nervous butterflies in their stomach, when they are texting their love ones.

Growing Heart (Feeling and getting deeper and deeper)

 growing heart snapchat

Heart beat is increases and hear filled with joy after emotional conversation is a great joy.

Heart Decoration (Liking and moving)

heart decoration snapchat

Stands for love, attention and affection of your conversation partner.

Heart with Arrow (Cupid arrow hits you)

Express romantic feelings in message, often used around valentine days

Revolving Hearts (Two hearts circling each other)

revolving heart snapchatRepresent love between two persons, someone wants to win your heart

Heart with Ribbon (You have my love)

ribbon heart snapchat

This heart emoji with bow symbolizes you are giving your heart to someone, ad you would a gift.

Heart Exclamation (Fully agreed with someone)

heart with exclamation snapchatThis gesture comes from heart emphasize that you are really like something or someone.

White Heart (Purity and unbreakable love)

heart white snapchat

This heart could be used to represent the parents love for a child, or a love that will stand with test of time


Baby pink heart mean on Snapchat

baby pink heart snapchatThe pink heart means that you have been friends with the other person for at least six months. This is a great way to show your appreciation and let them know how much we care!

Black Heart Dark (Humor or Sorrow)

black heart snapchat

It used opposite context of red heart, this black icon can re-present morbidity or sorrow

The black heart means that you want to show the other person how much they mean in your life. So, use this emoji when someone becomes a best friend over night!

Broken Heart: Feeling of suffering

red broken heart snapchatThe broken heart shows how much you cared for this person, but in the end it didn’t work out. Showing off your sadness to friends can be helpful!

The emoji often know a heartbroken emoji and represent when love turns sour

Yellow Heart (Happiness and friendship)

snapchat yellow heart apple

Not so much in romantic context, but rather for happiness, friendship and joy of life

The yellow broken heart on this sign means that you and the other person have been best friends for a significant amount of time. But now, it’s goodbye forever!.

You are a great friend of mine  if you have friends like this! You can show your appreciation for them by giving all of the yellow hearts.

The heartshaped symbol means that we care deeply about our friendships and love ones in lifewhich makes it even more important to take good care of these special people around us, especially when they’re loyal as well gorgeous than ever before thanks their beauty/ charm combination (which is why I’m glad mine got rewarded).

Two Hearts Love is in the air

You can use this symbol to show your love and passion with partner and indicates romance.


Q1.What does the baby emoji mean on Snapchat?

Sending the baby emoji is a great way to show your appreciation for someone and tell them how much you care. It’s also cute, which means it can be used in all sorts of situations!

Q2.What does the orange broken heart mean on Snapchat?

Orange  broken hearts are a symbol of lost love. It means that you have been in an intimate relationship with somebody, but it didn’t work out for some reason or another

Q3.What does the baby blue heart mean on Snapchat?

The baby blue heart means that you’re in a committed, romantic relationship with your best friend.

Q4.What does the pink love heart mean on Snapchat ?

The pink love heart on Snapchat means that you have been friends with the other person for a significant amount of time. It’s an adorable way to show your appreciation and let them know how much they mean!

Q5.What does the gold heart mean on Snapchat?

You just got a new boyfriend or girlfriend! Hooray, you’re so lucky. Now we can share our love with everyone and never be bored again (well unless they break up).

Q5.What does the gray heart mean on Snapchat?

The gray heart means that you have been in a romantic relationship for at least one month, but less than two. This is the emoji to use when your feelings towards someone are still evolving and not serious yet!


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