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There are tones of role-playing games, out of which the player will find some easy and some very challenging to play. So here we come again with a new challenging role-playing game lifeafter mod apk. You can call it a zombie survival game.

The player’s challenge is to survive in the virus-infected world in every possible way. Outstanding graphics of the games add to your thrill, leaving you with a real experience. Players will do tasks to get food and combat various situations as they are continuously hunting for materials to ward off zombies for maximum time.

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Feature of Lifeafter Mod Apk:

Keep Hopes alive and Stay Calm:

The world once you lived in peace and happiness is no more the same place. Unfortunately, the zombie epidemic has made the world a disastrous position. The survivors are facing the threats of famine, cold, and diseases. But, it is not the end; there are always possibilities to get out of any complex situations. The key to life is to stay calm and keeping hopes alive for a happy world again.

Explore every inch:

The player will need to explore every inch of the hereafter world for hunting life resources to survive. He may come across a city will all infected, freezing forests, and other intolerable situations. The player must be smart enough to get food and be protected in impossible conditions.

Be Careful of Other Survivors:

The player may run across other survivors while running. Be careful of them. They possibly can attack you for loot. On the other hand, if you find them friendly, you can share your food and other resources with them.

Build the Final Haven:

You have made a long way with your trusted friends so far. Now the time is to build your haven once again for the survival of humanity. Together you will fend off that depressing time and hug your friends around the fire.



There are zombies everywhere in the fantastic story of the lifeafter mode apk; the whole world is in danger of being infected by the virus. Suddenly, you find yourself in a new, unfamiliar world that seems very strange as well. 

There is still a chance to be alive after being bitten. The player leaves his identity, appearance, and human abilities forever and lives as a revenant. It is hazardous, but he is left with no choice. The hereafter world is full of disasters, but countless possibilities are there for surviving in this harsh climate. The player needs to explore and discover every inch of the hereafter world and collect life resources to survive. 

He can join other survivors for great defence and build safe shelters. Thus, they can altogether not only fend off enemies but avoid the wild weather, dangerous animals, and scary landscapes. Every player gets three boards in their house. The first one allows receiving mails and rewards, and the second one is the controller that upgrades the house progress-wise; the third one is the Dog House. 

If you are playing the accessible version of the lifeafter game, the critical information is the game’s mailbox. It would not be possible for the player to send unlimited resources as it has a limit. But it is not the same with common resources that you can send without any limitation.  

The game involves two types of tasks, main tasks and side tasks. The main functions help the player to build houses, weapons and to progress in the game. The side ones are to get skill points for hunting resources. Additionally, the player must know how to survive on cold nights? Firstly be assured of not being hungry as it will decrease movement. 

Don’t forget to light a fire at night and keep your hands free while running in the forest from zombies. To keep you safe and protected, you will need to kill people who seem like zombies. To kill them, use your weapons. Always try to be equipped with the necessary items and food as you may face a shortage of resources later. Get to the secure place instantly and gather the resources required for living. If you doubt anyone who can hurt, kill him on the spot.

Additional Information Lifeafter Mod Menu: 

NetEase Games offered LifeAfter games with No AdsSome of the people also now it with the name of night falls apk

The game’s title is the English version of the famous Chinese game ( The Day After Tomorrow). It contains moderate violence that makes it inappropriate for under 12 to play it. You must have an efficient device to play live after mode apk it as this game is quite heavy. Other famous zombie games are Dying Light, World War Z, Urban Dead, Death Road to Canada, and more. It is offered for Android, iOS, and windows as well.

Download and Install lifeafter mode apk: 

There is a fundamental method to download and install this apk file. First, go to the download tab that will prompt you to further steps. Then, go with the instructions to get it done.


Q1: What kind of supplies do you get via the mailbox in the lifeafter game?

The different types of supplies are as follows:

Wine cabinet, single bed, wood chair, gear workstation, household grill, formula research station, and material bench.

Q2: Does this game require rooting my device?

Not, there is no compulsion of a rooted device to play it.

Q3: What supplies do we get unlimited in this modded life apk?

Everything you will get is unlimited in the lifeafter mode apk. There is unlimited gold, ammo, unlimited lives, unlimited diamonds, unlimited ammunition, and much more. The mod apkdata also comes with the auto-update feature.

Q4:What are the special requirements to install the lifeafter mode apk on your device?

The game is weighty in size and contains 3D rich graphics. Therefore, you are required to have a device with the following specifications:

  • Minimum 2GB Ram.
  • Android 4.2 or higher
  • Heavy built-in battery
  • At least 1.5 GB free space
  • We need a High-resolution screen for a better visual experience.
  • An efficient GPU is required to avoid overheating issues in the device while playing.


As always, we provided you with the lifeafter mode apk full version with all its unlocked features. We also tried to give a glimpse of some basic information for the novice players. The could be some helpful stuff for the regular players too. In case you encounter any problem downloading lifeafterapk money hack(cheat). Feel free to use our comment box to write your problem. We will be pleased to help you out. Please keep visiting our page for more unlimited money apk games and android game gratis. 

Rock out with this game!




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