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Download hacked pokemon go apk for free to get unlimited pokecoins and pokeballs. collected GPS signal sniper buddy and play with joystick
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Pokemon go mod apk is an augmented reality game that is the result of collaboration between Niantic and Nintendo. It was released on July 6, 2016, for Android and iOS devices. The game allows you to capture virtual creatures in the real world using your phone’s GPS signal. Pokemon GO is a free game, but the players can also spend real money on micro transactions.

Pokemon GO hack apk is available for free download on this website. It allows you to generate unlimited pokecoins and pokeballs for your pokemon go account. Furthermore, you can use all features of the Pokemon GO hack without jailbreak or root (offline).

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How to play Pokemon Go Mod Apk

Pokemon go mod apk played as a single and multiplayer game. Pokemon Go does not have expiry dates; thus, you can play as long as you want. Players roam around the real world to find pokemon hidden in the map based on their real-world positioning system (GPS). They then throw a virtual “Pokeball” at these players using their smartphone’s camera, enhancing the gaming experience.

The players score points by capturing pokemon, which can further help them level up and find even rarer game with high scores. This high score earning process is what keeps players fixed to the gaming app most of the time. Players, however, need to be cautious, though, as they risk getting injured or even losing their lives while playing the game, all in a bid to catch pokemon.

Go APK Features :

Favorite Pokemons

In Pokémon Go, the player’s favorite Pokémon in the game can be tracked using the Pokedex tool, which lists the top 10 favorite pokemon.

Enhanced Throw Technique

Players who play Pokemon Go need to throw virtual “pokeballs” at the pokemon to capture them. By swiping upwards on the smartphone screen. The players also need to ensure that they are aimed directly at the pokemon before throwing these “Bpokeballs,” allowing for catching the game.

Inventory IV Calculator

In addition to the players’ favorite pokemon, the Pokedex tool also lists them in-game inventory items. These items include the player’s Pokeball, potions, and other rarer items in the game. The players can refer to these in-game inventory items using this calculator app for Pokemon Go.

Catch Preview

Pokemon Go players can also choose to see a preview of their caught pokemon by selecting the Caught option. This is a good choice for players who are highly interested in seeing what they have captured before adding to their inventory.

Tap to Walk/Teleport

Pokemon Go players can use the Tap to walk option to cover large distances in a short time. This allows them to move quickly over large areas instead of walking gradually. The options, on the other hand, allow players to teleport to any location of their choice.

Teleport options

Apart from using the Tap to walk or teleport options, players can also use the map option to generate location links directly. These links then enable them to get teleported automatically to any point on the map of their choice. This is one of the quickest ways available for moving around in Pokemon Go.

Poke Radar

with Google Maps integration for “Pokemon GO” Map Viewer with live updates of nearby pokemon sightings


BY using  Joystick

– move around without tapping the screen! GPS locating

– find out where you are right now in-game!  Walk to Pokemon

– set a waypoint and walk along until you come across one of your chosen Pokemon.

Pokemon  Buddy

choose a buddy  that accompanies you on the journey. A successful walk will then double your XP! How to Go – set a waypoint and automatically walk along until you come across one of your chosen player.  Use this option if you don’t fancy walking around town aimlessly hoping for a wild pokemon to appear.


Aiming at pokemon is hard in this game. PokeSniper aims for your convenience. It calculates the power of your throw, so you don’t have to worry about that anymore! It then shows a trace on the screen that will help you aim properly and catch any pokemon!

Features of  This Pokemon Mod APk

# Unlimited pokeballs

– you can avail all the pokeballs that you want!

# Unlimited stardust

– you don’t need to grind for stardust anymore! You can level up your pokemon as fast as you want!

#All gems are already unlocked.

– you are now rich. No need to grind for gems anymore!

# Unlimited items

– You can already unlock all the powerups that are available in this game

# One click catching

– you can now capture any pokemon just by clicking on it once. PokeSniper will automatically throw the perfect ball for you. No need for long throws anymore

How to download and install this Modded apk

  • Download latest version of this apk by clicking on download button on this website.
  • Uninstall any previous version of pokem go app
  • In smartphone setting >>security >>unknown source>>turn on
  • Check the file in your phone install it
  • After installation have fun with it.

FAQs Pokemon Go Mod Apk: 

Q1. Do I need the extra space in my smartphone for this game?

The best thing about this mod apk is that the downloaded file size is very small, which means it does not consume much of your smartphone space. Players can thus use other apps while playing Pokemon Go without any disturbance.

Q3 Does this modded apk has any viruses?

No, this modded apk is safe and there are no viruses in it. It has been developed by trusted sources who have ensured that it runs smoothly on all devices without any problem. Furthermore, you can install this app with an easy mind because the developers have made sure to test this application properly before releasing it for public use.

Q4. Is Niantic aware of this modded apk?

Niantic has not taken any action against players who are using this modded apk because they know that many players cannot play regularly because of lack of pokeballs and stardust. This apk is helping these players get back to the game regularly to enjoy it without any disturbance.

Final Words:

We hope this article on Pokemon GO MOD APK Download will make gamers happy. If you have any doubts regarding this article, please feel free to comment below. We will get back to you ASAP. Please share this article on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. and please bookmark our website for the latest go mod apk download updates. Cheers, have fun!  Don’t forget to get Hero Hunters to make your joy on peek.




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