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In the Mario cart series, the Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk  game comes on number fourteenth. The developer Nintendo published it in 2019. However, the announcement was made earlier in 2018. It was downloaded by over 10 million users a day after its release and 90.1 million in a week. It includes the world-famous cities locations Tokyo, Paris, London, New York, Berlin, and more. Initially, they designed it to play on a vertical mode screen, but the recent update in July 2020 made it possible to play the game on landscape mode.

It got praised for its pretty graphics and easy controls, but many users criticized its restriction of spending $4.99 to use its 200cc feature. Also, the only way to acquire stuff and gold requires money that’s a turn-off for some users. Some journalists pointed out there were apps in the market with equal monthly subscription costs but are providing more content. Here, you can download the Mario kart tour mod apk and get everything for free.

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Features of Mario Kart Tour Mod Apk

Different Driving Ways:

At the start, the player gets an option to select its desired driving mode. There are two driving methods, Simple and Drift. If it’s your first time, go for the simple one that will let you steer just by swiping right or left. On the other hand, the drifting method feels a bit hard for the neophyte player. But the consistent practice of playing can make you conquer every driving way.

Gold and Courses:

Everybody loves Mario kart for how easy it is to steer and drift with one finger. You keep on destroying the dangerous stuff in search of containers filled with gold and new courses.

Play and Challenge:

The game is more enjoyable when you challenge other players in the game. To reach the destination, you will race against seven different opponents and win the race.

Convenient Controls:

This game has got the most comfortable interface. The little kids are happy with its very easy controls. It also has a feature to change its control size and placement. It is possible to control and drift your cart with one finger simultaneously.

Win Drivers, Badges, Karts, and More:

Winning different challenges not just ranks you up on the leader board. But it will reward you with various stuff like drivers, karts and badges that will open up new routes to race. In the mario go apk, you can unlock them all without doing any challenges.

Zero Ads:

Every official game app will run different kinds of ads anytime in the game. No ads trouble for Mario kart tour mod apk its free. This mods apk will block the ads to show on your screen.

More Information:

  • At the 23rd D.I.C.E Awards, it got awarded as the Racing game of the year.
  • It got the highest number of downloads in the first week for a Nintendo mobile game.
  • It is the second biggest game of Nintendo in terms of revenue.
  • It surpassed 200 Million downloads in April 2021; 200 Million in revenue as well.
  • It got the nomination for a favorite video game at the 2020 Kids’ Choice Awards.


Yes the  game features various tracks; you will drive your cart without doing much as it runs automatically. The only effort is to swipe left or right to take turns. It’s very easy to collect tons of items on the tracks just by tapping the screen. There are some undefined techniques to drive the kart, as to boost your speed, you can drift your kart. The game works more like a traditional Mario. You can say it is similar but not absolutely the same. It is simpler and more restrictive, making it an unquestionable downgrade from Mario kart 8, but the transitions part in single-handed devices is operated well.

The classic tracks are smartly adapted and modified for the vertical screens. In addition, solo input touch controls execute amusingly. Still, it will take some time to get used to.

It is typical to strike up for launching weapons and strike down to fall them backwards. You will find winding parts tricky, but it will feel like a real Mario kart game when it launches turtle shells at rivals slowing down the kart. The game tracks are short and contain only two laps of racing. You can win a cup by playing only three races finished by a mission to race through rings. The special bonuses feel pleasant, allowing you to unlock different racers and karts.

It was launched as a single-player game, but it makes you feel like racing against other players. If you see the names of other racers, they are AI, but the resulting races are still exciting. The main problem with the free app is, the prices for the currencies are very high. You will have to subscribe 4.99$ a month regularly to get different stuff and karts. It also is the only way to increase speed by 200cc. You can play as long as you want, but some specific cups will needlessly make you wait to be available. There are times when you feel frustrated when you cannot unlock racers instead of getting to the first place.

Remember, these are Google’s version restrictions. Lucky to be here, we allow you to download our Mario kart tour hack apk on your Android apk and iOS and windows phones to get the all unblocked stuff. So race the way you want to race with our modded version.

They Asked: FAQs:

Q1: Why am I having a problem logging in to my Nintendo account?

One possible reason could be that you still have an official app installed on your device. First, remove the official version and try login in again.

Q2: How to increase the points in the game?

The player will need to gather multiple items, coins, rubies, stars, etc. for increasing his game points.

Q3: What happens when a nickname is not entered?

When linking to a Nintendo Account, the absence of a nickname can make it unplayable.


 Mario kart tour mod apk is most liked by the kids and grown-ups too. The incredible 3D animations and the real-world cities’ inspiration escalate the gamers’ playing pleasure. In addition, it contains all the Mario universe characters that add to the excitement. The main events of the game are the tours. Every tour comprises of many cups that will last for two weeks. It has a different set of tours, introducing new content, like new gliders, carts, drivers, and courses. Overall, the game is great fun for the kids racing on beautiful routes and discovering different tours.

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