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Before we come to the traffic racer mod apk, let us understand why people race? It is a simple straight question with a detailed answer. Lots of people not only admire cars but they always dream to drive them. If you ever will ask a kid the very typical question, what would you be when growing up? There are 95% chances that he will come with an answer, a racecar driver. Racing is the first love for almost all guys out there as it allows them to drive as fast as possible. Some people are so attached to the vehicles that they love naming them, and This is because cars have got an emotional value for them. It is about showing one’s freedom to drive without any limit and feel the pleasure of control over their destinies.

There is no better game than traffic racer mod apk for those racing fans. It will give them a refreshing and exceptional driving experience. The game player would try to sustain his car on complex routes and make every effort to be the fastest driver and top the other drivers’ rankings. With your ongoing progress in-game, you will get to unlock all cars. It is the best game to test your driving skills and learn some new skills as well. Its incredible graphics and smooth controls will escalate your racing experience.

traffic rider game hack version

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Features of Traffic racer mod apk:

Unlimited Money and Gold:

If you have played the free version traffic racer earlier, you know how time taking is to play and earn money and gold continuously. Save your time and download this v2 0 mod apk and get unlimited Money and Gold.

Updated Game Hack Version:

We always are trying to update you with the new version of the game to make it run perfectly. So please keep visiting our page for the regular update.

Feasible Interface for iOS also:

The beginners face no problem playing this game the first time because of its very simple and understandable interface. Even the user of  iPhone is also too much comfortable .

Unlocked Cars and racer cheat:

It requires tons of game-winnings and plenty of play hours to unlock all cars. No worries, it is now possible to unlock all of them with the Traffic racer mod apk. You don’t need different hacks and cheats to have them on your available list. The game cheats are also easily available .

Customize your way:

The Traffic racer mod apk not only lets you buy a car of your choice, but it allows you to stylize or customize it your way. So make your dreams real with the desired self-customized car.

Gameplay :

Traffic racer mod apk lets the player travel in his magnificent and uncontrollable cars. The exotic and most beautiful locations offer players lovely views while racing. The player will need to leave behind opponents’ cars to get money. The earned money can be used to get a new car or for improving his racing car. You can set your preferred speed for racing from very slow to very fast. 

Do not be careless of the other oncoming vehicles on the road that can smash your car or cause an accident. 

Traffic racer apk contains numerous car models that make it exciting for players to pick the model he likes to drive. He may select from the plenty of beautiful locations or choose to drive at night.

The game also allows upgrading transport to improve it. The player can repaint the vehicle with the desired color and customize it as per his requirement. 

traffic racer unlimited money

Different Modes in Traffic Rider Mod apk:

The game has five different modes.

Endless mode: 

In this basic normal mode, the player will race his vehicle and reach the destination first.

Time trial mode: 

It is a bit challenging mode. The gamer will test driving skills within a specific time.

Two-way mode: 

This specific mode lets the gamer take U-turns and turns to make his way out of heavy traffic. 

Police chase mode: 

This mode makes the racing more challenging for the player. In addition, there is a chance of getting chased by the police.

Freeride mode: 

This mode is the most enjoyable mode for novice players. The player will be able to get free rides and enjoy exotic landscapes in this mode.

Additional Features of  racer mod apk

Pleasing Graphics:

Traffic racer apk is designed with attractive graphics. The stunning locations give a lovely view to the player’s eyes, and the night mode offers a real feel in the game. The rich details and graphics are enough to hook you in the game for a longer time.

Awesome Audio Effects:

The game has some appealing audio cues that sound great to the player’s ears. The engine sounds appropriate, but be aware of the sound played at the start and menu that is enough to blow your ears.

Smooth controls:

As mentioned earlier in the Traffic racer apk, you can enjoy smooth controls. So here we give you a tiny guide on how to use controls to play this game.

To steer your car, you will need to tilt or touch your phone. Next, you will tap the brake button to slow down the bike. Finally, you can accelerate by tapping the Gas button. When you drive fast, it results in improving your scores in the game.

How Download traffic racer mod apk:

The modified version is a present for all the lovers. To have it, get to the download button on this page now. Then, open the game and keep playing to satisfy your sense of racing.


Q1: What are the five detailed locations in the traffic racer game?

1: An ordinary desert
2: Snowy Desert
3: Night City
4: A Slum
5: Suburb

Q2: How will the player know his scores against other players?

It is quite simple to know. The online leaderboards will help the players to know their actual scores against other players.

Q3: How can I earn extra cash and score in the game?

In two-way mode, you will have to drive in the opposite direction to earn cash and scores.

Q4: What are the three best things about this game?

The three best things about the traffic racer game are:
1: It has rich design and incredible graphics with eye-catching locations.
2: It is best for racing lovers. They can set their speed to extreme levels, very slow to extremely fast.
3: It requires no special skills and hacks, so everybody who loves racing can play it easily.


If you are done with the typical racing games, ask you to drive to the finish line. Then, be ready for the exciting racing experience with the traffic racer game. The heavy traffic inspires this game on the congested roads. The player’s challenge is to drive through the occupied roads by keeping away from all the obstacles on his way and reaching the finish line first. The traffic racer mod apk gives you the liberty to race in your desired car. In addition, it will provide you with unlimited money enabling you to shop for anything without paying a single penny. 

Race the best, score the best and be on the top.




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