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Pixel car racer mod apk is a distinctive kind of retro-style arcade racing game. Everyone loves playing racing games. The racing games may be categorized into four racing styles, Simulation racing, Kart racing, futuristic racing, an arcade-style racing. One of them you may be familiar with is the term simulation racing. The software of the simulation games tries to replicate real-world racing. Therefore, the player will use his real-life car handling skills for game racing, closer to actual racing activities. Contrary to simulation racing, in arcade racing games, the real-life variables are removed, and the main goal is merely to achieve a sense of speed.

Pixel car racer mod apk is a 2D race; the distinguishing feature of this game is its pixel graphics. You can’t resist enjoying the nostalgia of the 90s caused by playing this retro game.
However, its substantial performance differentiates it from the past pixel games. It requires you to take part in competitions and keep updating your car completely. It has already captured everyone’s attention for its retro visual appeal. Furthermore, it’s an exciting and fun game that you can’t stop playing it. However, be careful before you start playing; it could be your new addiction.

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Features of Car Racer Mod Apk:

Massive Car Collection:

The game has a massive car collection with numerous model options that the player can only unlock with huge money. Unfortunately, earning money is not that easy. It will take enough time. But pixel car racer hack apk offers you get unlimited money within no time. Get all the cars unlocked with this hacked app and race in your dream car.


Best Car parts:

It is not less than a dream to create your dream car on your own. The moded car racer lets you alter every inch of your favorite car with numerous parts options. Choose the best parts for the best race.

Interesting Dealership:

The recent update offers an interesting dealership feature. Now you can easily connect to other players to get the parts you need for your car.

Practical Controls:

The game controls are not more different than the accurate car controls. Its realistic controls make the game more engaging and exciting to the player. It will be fun to explore and control its controls options.

Connecting with People:

The player can enjoy its additional benefits by connecting to the Facebook account. Here he will be able to use the cloud saving option to sync his game between devices. Moreover, he will not lose his game progress if he deleted the game or switched his device.

Play Tournaments:

Take part in different tournaments and get crates of rewards and money. But remember, it takes your money to register for the tournaments. So be assured you have enough money, a strong car, and sufficient knowledge to win and get rewards.

Free Playing:

The game is accessible on the Google play store. However, it is not possible to enjoy all unlocked features in the free version. So instead, download our pixel car racer hack apk to unlock any feature you need for your race.

Unlimited Money:

One can quickly get bored of any game where one feels restricted to enjoy every game’s feature. The same goes with the racing games where the racer wants to race in every car available on the menu. That is not possible in the unmodified game version. Pixel car racer mod apk gives you unlimited money that you can use to buy even the more expensive car in the game, not worrying about losing money.


Pixel car racer mod apk contains no ads. So enjoy the race to the fullest without being interrupted by promotional ads.

Retro Music:

Pixel car racer not only offers retro visuals, but you can also enjoy its retro-style music along with your drive.


If you are known to the Need For Speed game, you will see a couple of things are the same in the Pixel car racer mod apk. Those things include NoS and various other customizations. They will make you able to build something very distinctive with your preferred alterations. So let’s not waste another moment and learn how to drive your pixel car.

Before starting the game, you must know that the game doesn’t come with an instruction manual. You will discover the game yourself. You will start the game by setting up its controls. For this, move on to the options tab, where you will see three dots menu to adjust steering, shifting, MPH and KMH. Use steering for racing your car all over the locations. Here, I will recommend having an on-screen arrows guide that helps you avoid bumping into other cars.

The shifting option is all about gears, and now you will go for the option you are more comfortable with. Next, you will choose how your speed meter shows your speed in MPH or KPH. It’s advisable to select the option you are straightforward with. Once you are done with the controls, give your drive a try by playing a spartan drag race.

There is no chance of losing the drag race; it can help you practice racing by playing it again and again. Now, we come to the point of making money in the pixel car racer mod apk. You will get 10000$ by default that you will use for buying a car. The wise way to earn money in the initial stages is to invest in a car that can make you win. Go in the car with great speed and lightweight. You can also traffic racer

Pros of using this  mod apk

  • The mod apk is free
  • Modded games are updated more frequently than the original game
  • You can use a VPN to avoid being banned from your favorite game
  • There are thousands of different mods available for download, allowing you to customize your gameplay experience
  • With the mod apk, you don’t have to worry about downloading content on an unstable connection or running out of data 6. It’s easy and convenient – download the app and start playing!

Cons :

  • You might not be able to play with your friends because they are using a different mod apk then you are


People also Asked: FAQs.

Q1: What is the easiest way to make money quickly in pixel car racer?

Answer: The trouble-free way to make loads of money is to play tournaments in the game.

Q2: Can it be played on both Android and iOS?

Answer: Yes, you can download and play it on Apple, Mac, and Windows as well.

Q3: What is the best available car in pixel car racer?

Answer: It depends on whether you are a beginner or a pro player. In the beginning, you have not earned enough money to unlock supercars, but, later you can have some exceptional options to buy from them. Besides, if you have good parts of any car, it can perform the best for you.


The Pixel car racer mod apk has a nostalgic feel in its visuals and sounds, which is one reason for its popularity. Besides, one doesn’t need to be an old player or have special skills to play it. The game has straightforward physics; even little kids can easily play it. Moreover, the massive range of cars collection is enough to excite the player every time he starts the game.

One exciting part of the game is, winning is not necessary to get rewards. You will be getting multiple items on the way without a condition of winning. Every time you take a turn, you will get points, sometimes it can be more than what you expect. Well, that’s all for this game, write us for any queries and problems regarding its download or installation.

Happy Racing!




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